Woodiphora from rabbit carcass

I studied scuttle flies (Diptera: Phoridae) associated with animal (rabbit) carcasses during my PhD and published few articles on the diversity of this group. Apparently, genus Woodiphora was among the common group could be found on animal carcass. Similar observation was made yesterday with my undergraduate student, Nina, when we collected samples from our study. A scuttle fly was found on a decomposed rabbit’s foot (below) which was severed by scavenging animal (possibly monitor lizard).

The decomposed rabbit’s foot – what’s left from it…

A single female Woodiphora sp. was found running on the visible bone parts and we quickly trapped it with a plastic container. A preliminary inspection on the specimen, I believe it was similar with a record that Disney and I published in 2017, i.e.  Woodiphora sp. B.

Woodiphora sp. B Female

I am going to dissect the specimen and provide its characteristics in due course.

I you wish to learn on the Woodiphora checklist from rabbit carcass in Bangi, read Raja M. Zuha & R Henry L. Disney, 2017, Serangga, Records of Woodiphora Schmitz (Diptera: Phoridae) from animal carcasses in Bangi, Malaysia, Serangga, 22(1), 161-177.

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