Megaselia sp. (140419)

Megaselia sp. (140419) from spider carcass.

Of the two phorids collected from the spider carcass, only one female was captured and preserved.

This unknown species of Phoridae belongs to the giant genus of Megaselia.

The sample is in Megaselia Group VII by having 2 scutellar bristles, bare mesopleuron and long costa (CI>0.44). Based on the taxonomic key by Borgmeier (1967), it leads to couplet 15 on the coloration of its halteres, which pointed out to Megaselia politifrons Brues. However, detailed characteristics of M. politifrons were not consistent with the Megaselia sp. (140419), mainly on the morphological features of its thorax and color.

I have found several specimens with similar morphological features from UKM Forensic Science Simulation Site, Bangi, in previous studies but I could not find its male. To properly determine its identity, this female specimen must be linked with its male.

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