Learning FE at UKM

At UKM, we offer a 3-credit hours elective course in Forensic Entomology i.e. NNNX3193 Entomologi Forensik (Forensic Entomology). It is offered to BSc. Forensic Science (Hons.) students at Faculty of Health Sciences UKM during the First Semester of Third Year. Currently, UKM is the only university in Malaysia that offers forensic entomology as a full semester course.

The course covers the following subjects:

1. Introduction to Forensic Entomology
2. Decomposition and Succession
3. Minimum PMI Estimation
4. Sampling and Preservation Technique
5. Entomological Evidence in Court
6. Insect Structure, Function & Development
7. Insect Life, History & Diversity
8. Medical Entomology
9. Adult Flies of Forensic Importance
10. Identification of Fly Larvae

Students will also conduct decomposition study by using animal carcasses, learn the proper sampling technique and analysis of entomological evidence.

For postgraduate students, Forensic Entomology is taught in the entomology subject coursework programs i.e. Master of Biomedical Sciences at Faculty of Health Sciences and Master of Science (Entomology) at Faculty of Science and Technology, UKM. Learning structure for postgraduate student by coursework is similar to Bachelor’s degree student but focusing more towards research.