MULS Law Seminar

8 May 2021 – It was a great sharing session with Multimedia University law students regarding forensic entomology. The best part was to share this platform with the Director of National Forensic Medicine Institute, Dr. Mohamad Azaini Ibrahim! For your information, Dr. Azaini contributes his vast experience and knowledge to UKM Forensic Science students as a guest lecturer and has hosted several visits including post mortem sessions for UKM Forensics Students. For that, I am so grateful to share this wonderful platform with Dr. Azaini. Thank you MMU Laws Society and thank you Dr. Azaini!
Forensic entomology is not far apart from Forensic Pathology or Forensic Anthropology as explained by Dr. Azaini. In forensic investigation, particularly in death investigation, time of death provides crucial information that can help investigators to incriminate or eliminate a suspect, it can assist victim identification, and recreate the course of events that lead to death. During the early stage of decomposition, the estimation of death can be referred to physical changes of the body such as rigor mortis and changes of body temperatures. And these examinations will be conducted by the forensic pathologists. But what happens when the body decompose to a condition where physical signs can hardly be recognized? During this scenario, a forensic pathologist will work with forensic entomologists by referring to other biological indicators from the environment – INSECTS.

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