Faunal Succession Study in Malaysia

These are faunal succession studies conducted in Malaysia, based on published studies in scientific journals. I believe there are more studies conducted but in a form of undergraduate theses.

  1. Lee, H.L. & Tuan Marzuki. 1993. Preliminary observation of arthropods on carrion and its application to forensic entomology in Malaysia. Tropical Biomedicine 10: 5-8.
  2. B.Omar, M.A. Marwi, P. Oothuman & H.F. Othman. 1994. Observations on the behaviour of immatures and adults of some Malaysian sarcosaprophagous flies. Tropical Biomedicine 11: 149-153.
  3. Baharudin Omar, Mohamed A. Marwi, Sallehudin Sulaiman & Pakeer Oothuman. 1994. Dipteran succession in monkey carrion at a rubber tree plantation in Malaysia. Tropical Biomedicine 11: 77-82.
  4. Heo Chong Chin, Mohamad Abdullah Marwi, Ahmad Firdaus Mohd Salleh, John Jeffery & Baharudin Omar. 2007. A preliminary study of insect succession on a pig carcass in a palm oil plantations in Malaysia. Tropical Biomedicine 24(2): 23-27.
  5. Heo Chong Chin, Mohamad Abdullah Marwi, John Jeffery & Baharudin Omar. 2008. Insect succession on a decomposing piglet carcass placed in a man-made freshwater pond in Malaysia. Tropical Biomedicine 25(1): 23-29.
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  7. Azwandi Ahmad & Abu Hassan Ahmad. 2009. A preliminary study on the decomposition and dipteran associated with exposed carcasses in an oil palm plantation in Bandar Baharu, Kedah, Malaysia. Tropical Biomedicine 26(1): 1-10.
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  10. Siti Aisyah Silahuddin, Baha Latif, Hiromu Kurahashi, David Evans Walter & Chong Chin Heo. 2015. The importance of habitat in the ecology of decomposition on rabbit carcasses in Malaysia: Implications in forensic entomology. Journal of Medical Entomology 52(1): 9-23.
  11. Syamsa Rizal Abdullah, Baharudin Omar, Ahmad Firdaus Mohd Salleh, Mohamed Abdullah Marwi, Hidayatulfathi Othman & Shahrom Abd. Wahid. 2016. Fly colonization and carcass decomposition in a high-rise building in Malaysia. International Medical Journal. 23(1): 94-99.
  12. Raja M. Zuha, Sheril June Anskasha, R. Henry L. Disney & Baharudin Omar. 2016. Indoor decomposition study in Malaysia with special reference to the scuttle flies (Diptera: Phoridae). Egyptian Journal of Forensic Sciences 6(3): 216-222.
  13. Syamsa Rizal Abdullah, Baharudin Omar, Ahmad Firdaus Mohd Salleh, Hidayatulfathi Othman & Shahrom Abd Wahid. 2017. Comparative fly species composition on indoor and outdoor forensic cases in Malaysia. Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine. 45: 41-46.
  14. Raja M Zuha, See Huong-Wen, R. Henry L. Disney & Baharudin Omar. 2017. Scuttle flies (Diptera: Phoridae) inhabiting rabbit carcasses confined to plastic waste bins in Malaysia include new records and an undescribed species. Tropical Life Sciences Research 28(1): 131-143.
  15. Madinah Adrus & Nor Aliza Abdul Rahim. 2018. Insect succession and decomposition patterns of carcasses in Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo. Journal of Sustainability Science and Management. 13(2): 69-84

Additional useful reference:

  1. T.K. Kumara, R.H.L. Disney, A. Abu Hassan, Micah Flores, Tan Siew Hwa, Zulqarnain Mohamed, M.R. CheSalmah & S. Bhupinder. 2012. Occurrence of oriental flies associated with indoor and outdoor human remains in the tropical climate of North Malaysia. Journal of Vector Ecology 37(1): 62-68.

Please let me know if missed any references regarding faunal succession in Malaysia.

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