Ambang Sains Bioperubatan

I am honored to be invited as a guest lecturer for the Universiti Malaya’s MIC4002 Course – Ambang Sains Bioperubatan, today. The objective of this course was to expose UM’s Biomedical Science students on many different pathways of this field. As a Biomedical Science graduate myself, I believe there are so many areas can be explored including forensic entomology.

Photo Credit: Dr. Looi Mee Lee, Biomedical Science Dept., UM

The traditional mindset, and still, the common perception among Biomedical Science students, is that the prospects of this field are limited to diagnostic laboratory-related work and sales career. Taking forensic entomology as an example, I explained to the students how biomedical scientists can diversify knowledge and skills to become forensic scientists or any professional careers.

During my undergraduate years, I was always fascinated with crime scene investigation and forensic science. My favorite television show was Da Vinci Inquest and I was not really into CSI: Crime Scene Investigation although it was a top tv show that time and the main character was a forensic entomologist himself. Perhaps over sensationalism of the story lines.

At the same time I love entomology and I was truly fascinated with diversity of arthropods and how we are connected in good or bad ways. After learning about forensic entomology form my mentor, Prof. Dr. Baharudin Omar, I know what I want to pursue, or at least, where and what to put for my lifetime passion. I admit it was not a straight and an easy pathway to become a forensic entomologist but anytime when any kind of opportunity arrives, I won’t hesitate to work the best to develop this area.

During the lecture, I strongly advised students that bachelor’s degree is NOT the final frontier. Keep learning new things and find your passion!

I would like to thank Dr. Looi Mee Lee, my UKM Biomedical Science batchmate #2000-2003, for inviting me as the guest lecturer for today’s session. Dr. Looi is currently Senior Lecturer at Biomedical Science Dept, Faculty of Medicine, Universiti Malaya and MIC4002 Course Coordinator.

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