Minggu Sains Negara 2019

Walau hidup berlapik an adat, sains teknologi totap beguno

-Minggu Sains Negara (Peringkat Negeri Sembilan)

That was the theme for Negeri Sembilan’s Minggu Sains Negara (National Science Week) this year! It was an honor to represent UKM as strategic partner to Malaysian Nuclear Agency i.e. the main organizer for Minggu Sains Negara Peringkat Negeri Sembilan. UKM Forensics booth features Fingerprint Analysis and of course the Mag-gotzilla!

Pop culture?

Our aim was to educate the public about the importance of blow fly larvae, not limited to forensic entomology. It was exciting to see the responses from public! For the majority of them, it was the first time to know that “ulat sampah” (“garbage maggots”) are similar to the ones found on decomposing human body. But to observe live specimens from close up view, for all visitors, it was something amazing to experience at the event.

Minggu Sains Negara Fasa II Peringkat Negeri Sembilan is now at Mini Science and Technology Discovery Center, Aeon Mall Nilai, Negeri Sembilan, from 1 until 7 August 2019.

Photo credit: Facebook Page of YAB Menteri Besar Negeri Sembilan, Agensi Nuklear Malaysia and Aeon Mall Nilai.